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dernière paire.jpg

We've been deeply moved to have received these pictures from Franck Van Wezel, Hi-Tec Ceo in Great Britain, to thank us to have walked some much with so shoes of his company.

On the right hand-side pillar of the lobby of his HQ's in South-End-On-Sea, located in the mouth of the Thames river, hangs in a glasscase a Hi-Tec pair from the early 90's worn by Nelson Mandela in Robben Island in the last months of his incarceration, and bought at an auction sales in 95 to benefit Mandela's Aids orphans fund.

On the left hand-side pillar hang our last pair, the sixth, sent to us in Khartoum from South-Africa by our friend Naeem Omar, and that have walked 3510 km from Khartoum to the Mount of Beatitudes in Israel, via Meroe, the Sahara, Philae and the egyptian temples and antiquities, stepping on the Summit of Cheops pyramid, the summit of Mount Moses in Sinai, the Judean desert, Massada, the banks of the Dead Sea, the Jordan and the Sea of Galilea. How many beatitudes !

It's with these very shoes on his feet that Nelson Mandela wrote secretly his manuscript "Long walk to freedom", it's with ours that we've been able to cross this continent freely, simply, together, forever...enjoying every second of our freedom.

To have gathered them symbolically, side by side, is for us the most beautiful hommage and award we've been granted. Had we had the chance to make a step with him !

All yours