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We've lost one of our dearest hostess in this tragic accident that left Morgan Tsvangirai a prime minister injured, a desperate widower and the country stunned. Apparently it has to be considered as an accident as the truck involved was carrying humanitarian aid, and the road was in poor condition.

But from a personnal information source I can tell you it was a premeditated crime. The car protecting Morgan's, suddendly accelerated to give way to the truck coming from the other way, that just had to divert it's way. One of the drivers was straight away collected by a black Audi, the other one left one the scene as a scapegoat. There was only one way possible, the easiest plot ever to organize. Most probably organised by the JOC (joint operation command) five generals that disagree with Mugabe's policy to accept Morgan as a vice president and power sharing with MDC. At least Mugabe revelead his heart and feelings during the burial. He was apparently not behind that plot. Which proves he's only a puppet.

We had stayed in clandestinity three days with the couple as they were on custody in their homestead near Buhare, and made at the time the first interview of him in the last six months. This interview can be found in our volume 1. I tokk the picture below as she was writing down the names of all the women she'd given some maize meal, in a poverty stricken area badly hit by food shortage and drought.

Morgan comes out of the tragedy with a courage and dignity that forces the admiration of the whole country. Pray his beloved wife has not died in vain and may she become the symbol of the Nation reconciliation. She's the one that might save Mugabe from a coup by the JOC.

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