Not for Africa Trek but for the celebration of the 120th anniversary of an old lady : the Eiffel Tower. As I happened to have climbed it more than 38 times at night and secretly, Jim Bitterman, Paris CNN rep, interviewed me about the thrill of it. It will be played in the news of Hala Gorani starting May the 19th at noon ( 6 PM in France).

Here's the link on the CNN website.

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jim_500.jpg Two monuments, the Iron Lady and Paris CNN's representative for almost two decades Jim Bitterman.

jim_2_500.jpg We met Jim a week earlier already on the Eiffel Tower, and I couldn't help telling him the last time I came here was from outside...

These three pictures are a first and quick selection among the hundreds our very good friend and excellent photographer Eric Girard has taken during the numerous nights spent into the most "overground, undercrowded and very select nightclubs" : Paris roofs at night ! These Three were extracted from a Paris Match outcome we made at a time when Lady Di was not dead... tour_eiffel_verticale_beaugrenelle_web.jpg My friend sylvain and myself wearing the Viking horns. (@Eric Girard) batman_web.jpg Crouching with the feet to have a Batman feeling of an upside down view on the City of light. (@Eric Girard) un_bras_web.jpg Long time exposures on one arm are difficult to hold with the wind swinging you... (@Eric Girard)