dear viewers and readers,

You've been hundreds of thousands throughout the US to follow our programme. We are delighted to announce you that our series has been played on 408 PBS stations so far (and they count 450 in total) Among which the 25 biggest and the 102 analog channels. A home run ! But there is a funnier number : 18864 episodes have been aired ! It makes it a total of 340 days of permanent coverage.

We are very far ahead from the 125 stations we dreamed of.

All this happened thanks to you. (and to the sponsors that brought you the programme)

For instance Hi-Tec shoes gave 40 000 dollars for their billboards before and after each episodes : it means that 37728 billboards were shown. For a cost of one dollar and six cents each ! Wo can beat that ? We keep steady to our motto that we share with Hi-Tec shoes : "do more with less"

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Our plan is to go back in Africa with some funding with and eye surgeon from Alaska : help us by getting the books !

Yours africally